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Courses in Florida

Practicing Before the Fifth District Court of Appeal

Friday, November 8, 2019 — 8:30 AM to 3:50 PM
Orange County Bar Association, Orlando, Florida

For those that practice before the Fifth District Court of Appeal, this is a can't miss seminar featuring judges from the court, Florida Supreme Court Justice Alan Lawson (formerly of the Fifth DCA), as well as numerous other distinguished speakers with vast experience before the court. This is a rare opportunity to learn how the court operates, as well as the court's preferences regarding brief writing, oral arguments, and motion practice. You will also learn about the critical role staff attorneys play in helping to decide your cases, as well as learning how to give your case the best chance of success on appeal. You will hear from experienced appellate mediators as to how to best handle appellate mediations, and you will get to know the newest members of the court. The program will also include a presentation on professionalism and ethics in the appellate arena.

Attendees will be able to purchase the online seminar (on-demand) and downloadable audio podcast after the live program takes place. CDs and DVDs can be purchased ahead of time, but will not be delivered until 4-6 weeks after the live program.

CLER Program (max credit: 7.0 hours) Certification Program (max credit: 7.0 hours
General: 7.0 hours Criminal Appellate Law: 7.0 hours
Ethics: 1.0 hours Appellate Practice: 7.0 hours

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Do you need CLE Credit?

Are you thinking about applying for the Advance Appellate Practice Certification? Or maybe you are up for renewal soon? Or maybe you're just an appellate geek with an insatiable appetite for appellate tips, tricks, and insight?

If any of this applies to you, then we highly recommend you purchasing and watching the Appellate Section's most recent CLEs, which can be obtained online HERE.

Here's a glimpse of what you will find:

Advanced Appellate Practice & Certification Review 2018
  -  7 Appellate Certification Credits
  -  7 General Credits
Three primary practice areas are addressed at length — civil, criminal and administrative. Shorter segments are dedicated to tips for taking the board certification review exam and significant recent changes in appellate practice.

Family Law Appeals — How Could They Possibly Be Any Different than Other Appeals?
  -  5 Appellate Certification Credits
  -  5 Criminal Appellate Certification Credits
  -  1 Ethics
Given the unique nature of family law matters, appeals in the area of family law require special knowledge as well. This course is a must for all practitioners who practice family law or want to handle family law appeals. This course will explore substantive and procedural appellate issues unique to family law appeals including appeals relating to the LGBTQ+ community.

Gideon Denied: Appealing Post-Conviction Motions
  -  4.5 Appellate Certification Credits
  -  4.5 Criminal Appellate Certification Credits
  -  4.5 General Credits
This program is devoted to the appeal of postconviction motions for ineffective assistance of counsel pursuant to Rule 3.850, and will distinguish appeals of postconviction motions from direct appeals, identify appellate issues arising from the disposition of postconviction motions, examine the present state of Strickland and the Sixth Amendment's obligations, and look at the state of ineffectiveness as to pleas, including immigration issues.

Modern Appellate Practice
  -  5 Technology Credits
  -  5 Appellate Certification Credits
  -  5 Criminal Appellate Certification Credits
  -  1 Ethics Credit
This program is devoted entirely to technology for appellate practice and trial support in Florida. As new technology becomes available, all aspects of the practice of law are changing – and this is equally true for appeals and trial support provided by appellate practitioners.

Practicing Before the Second DCA
  -  2 Technology Credits
  -  7 Appellate Certification Credits
  -  1 Ethics
A can't-miss full-day seminar for those who practice before the Second DCA. Hear from the Judges, the Clerk, the Marshal, and staff on how the court operates, how your cases are handled and decided, and what you should do to give your case the best chance on appeal. Presentations by local practicing attorneys will provide practical technology tips and tricks and updates on ethical considerations on appeal. Special guest Florida Supreme Court Justice Peggy Quince will be the keynote speaker.

Practicing Before the Supreme Court 2018
  -  7.5 Appellate Certification Credits
  -  7.5 Criminal Appellate Certification Credits
  -  4.5 State & Federal Government & Administrative Practice Certification Credits
  -  1 Ethics
Learn about practicing before the Florida Supreme Court. Topics include, oral argument, merits briefs, discretionary review, motion practice, and amicus briefs.